All the questions about how to tune in, answered below.

Q: I am driving to see Quorn Silo Light Show. Where can I park and watch from?

A: There are Angle parks along Railway Terrace, try to choose one that faces the silo and isn’t obstructed by trees. Most give a very clear view.

Q: How do I hear the show from my car?

A: You have to have a car radio that can tune into FM 87.6, or bring a battery powered radio with you.

Q: If I am parked far away will I be able to tune into the show FM?

A: Yes, if you can see the silo you should be able to tune in, up to a range of about 600 metres.

Q: If I don’t have an FM radio, is there some OTHER way I can hear it?

A: Yes, you can go and stand near the projector shed in front of the Silo. There are speakers set up here.

Q: What time is the FM audio playing?

A: This will change as the schedule of the show changes. There is only audio when the show is playing, not at other times, refer to the show times to know what time the show is on. As soon as you see the countdown start to play, you will be able to tune into the FM transmission.